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Welcome Candidates…..

First Step:

After 25 years of the Personnel business, I have learned that a good business relationship starts with the first contact.  I spend the time to get to know my candidates and their job skills, as well as their career interest.  I will speak with candidates PRIOR to submitting their resumes to any of my openings.  A list of “qualifying questions” are sent to my candidates that cover salary, desired position, desired location, years of experience with specific technologies, etc.  This helps me to find the “right” position to present to the candidates.

Second step…interviews             

I prepare each candidate for their phone screens and personal interviews.  Typical interviewing questions and basic interviewing tips will be sent to you prior to the face to face interviews.  Answering those interviewing questions prior to your interview will prepare you so that you are not caught off guard by any questions.  Interviewing tips are crucial to follow, as FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING!  The first few minutes of the interview often determine whether you will be selected for the position.  Among others things, wearing a professional suit, arriving on time, good eye contact and a firm hand shake are among the top most important things to remember.

We cannot be in the interview with you, so you will have to prepare yourself too.  Doing your “homework” prior to the interview will not only show them that you are interested, but will make you more at ease during the process.  Hence, you will do a better job on the interview.  Research their company by reviewing their website and other information that you are able to find on them.  Prepare some questions for them based on information that you have gathered.  Show enthusiasm for their company and position while talking with them.  Discuss with them how your skills can contribute to their department and organization without being boastful.  “Listen” to what they have to say.  Remember, you can learn more by listening than talking. 

 Third step:  Follow up

I will follow up with you after your interview to discuss how things went and your impression of the company, position and people that interviewed you.  Remember to send a thank you email immediately following your interview.




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